Les Lézards de L'Indochine

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Bilingual (english/fracais), 2009, hardcover, 604 pages, 23 colour plates, 16 colour photographs, 539 baw.-ill.

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The original text is published together with the following bilingual (Engl.-French) contributions: Kraig Adler René Léon Bourret and the Herpetology of Indochina, Roger Bour Introduction, Patrick David & Ivan Ineich The Lizards of the Former French Indochina (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos) An updated reappraisal, Roger Bour & Charles P. Blanc, The Life and work of René Bourret incl. his Publications. With an addendum: Notes herpétologiques sur l´Indochine française "With publication of Bourret´s book on Indochinese Lizards, after lying dormant in manuscript for more than 60 years, his herpetological publications on the region are complete. He can now be fully recognized, together with Malcolm Smith, among the great authorities of Indochinese herpetology. And with this first full-length biography of Bourret, whose life was previously hidden in obscurity, we can appreciate the actual depth and scope of his work. René Léon Bourret can be properly honored as one of the truly great herpetologists of the 20th century." (Prof. Kraig Adler)

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